Saturday, December 6, 2008


I know it has been TOO long since I have posted last. I have great news finally...C finally got a job!!! We are THRILLED! He got laid off on October 19, so it has been almost 2 months. Not exactly the best time of year to not have a job either! Well, our Christmas miracle finally came! He wasn't exactly qualified for the job either, but they liked him so much they hired him! I am SO PROUD of him!! Things are finally looking up for us! =)

This month is full of exciting things! My birthday is on Friday the 12th (yay!), then Christmas, and then my mom is coming to visit for a week! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HER!!! We are going to have so much fun shopping and cooking and just spending quality time together!

On the TTC front, C and I decided to put that on hold awhile. We want to make sure he has time to get settled into his job, and get out of debt! Hopefully in about 6 months or so we can start TTC again =) I can't wait!!!