Monday, September 2, 2013

Last month in pictures

Our first pic as a family of 5!
me with my twinsies at 2.5 weeks old
Proud big brother Ethan!  Kaden (L) Logan (R)
they love snuggling.  Melts my heart.  Kaden (L) Logan (R)

Things have been busy around here!  I don't really get a break from these 3 boys!  It is exhausting doing everything myself 5/7 days of the week including all night feedings so my hubby can sleep.  That will be changing when I go back to work part time in about 10 days.  C will have to help me out more, especially at night.  We are lucky that his aunt & cousin are going to come to our house the days I work and watch the boys.  So very thankful for them! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Kaden & Logan 1 month

Well things have certainly been busy around here!  The past month is kind of a blur.  The first few weeks weren't too bad because the boys were still pretty sleepy and acting like preterm babies.  I had to wake them for every feeding and there wasn't a lot of awake time.  My inlaws took Ethan most everyday for half of the day which was a tremendous help.  C had to go back to work right away so I was on my own.  I had friends/coworkers visit and bring us meals the first couple of weeks which was a huge help.  My mom & grandma from Indiana visited over a week ago and it was so nice having them here.  They were a HUGE help, my mom cooking/cleaning/baby care/organizing my house LOL.  I didn't realize how much I needed help until they were here.  Most days I keep up with the laundry (at least washing/drying) and dishes.  Dinner is hit & miss, and most other chores get done when they get done.  This has been hard for me as I like having a clean house and do not like a mess, especially when people come over.  But I am horrible at asking for help!! 

The past week or so has been a lot harder.  The boys are having a lot more fussiness, gas, awake time and overall alternating who wants to be held.  That doesn't leave much time for doing anything, especially making time for Ethan. He is having a rough time being home everyday with me and having to share me so much with his brothers.  There have been a lot of tantrums, time outs, tears (from both of us).  He had a MAJOR meltdown at the grocery store yesterday complete with kicking and screaming and throwing himself on the floor.  Oh boy, it was not fun.  Then I had a major meltdown when we got home and C took over and I just left to be by myself for awhile.  I have had quite the mood swings and cry-fests.  My 6 week PP check is next week so we I am going to have a chat with my OB about it.

I can't believe Kaden & Logan are almost 5 weeks old! They are on full formula since about 2 weeks old.  I had the same problem with little to no milk supply this time, and it was incredibly tiring to try to nurse then bottle feed both babies and then pump.  We are still trying to find the right formula to help their sensitive tummies.  They are growing like crazy though!  Today Kaden weighed 9lbs 6.5oz and Logan weighed 9lbs 6oz!  They were both 20 7/8 inches long as well.  Crazy that Kaden has caught up to his brother now! 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kaden & Logan have arrived!

I am so happy to say that the boys have arrived safe & sound :)  I never got around to doing a 36 week post because I just didn't feel like it!  I woke up on Wednesday July 24th to low back pain and a painful contraction.  That continued about every 5 minutes so I decided to get up and shower "just incase" something should happen.  The contractions and back pain continued despite the shower and resting/water.  I was supposed to have my regular OB appointment at 10:30 that morning but around 8:45 I decided to call the office and see what they thought and they wanted me to go to L&D.

My mother in law came and picked me & Ethan up and off we went.  When I got hooked up I was contracting every 1-2 minutes and they were painful!!  When they first checked me I was a loose 1cm and completely effaced.  The midwife said she would call the OB and that likely if I continued past 2 cm we would be having babies that day ( remember I wanted a repeat csection).  About an hour later she checked me again and I was a 2 so they decided we would be having the boys!

Things moved pretty quickly from there.  About an hour later I was taken back and given my spinal and 25 minutes later Kaden Lucas was born weighing 5lbs 13oz and 19in long.  One minute later Logan Charles was born weighing 6lbs 10oz and 19in long.  Those are good size babies for 36 weeks +2 days!  After about an hour in recovery the boys started to become a little noisy with their breathing so they went to the nursery for a couple of hours.  Once they came back to our room, they didn't leave again!  We spent 3 days at the hospital and came home yesterday.

The boys are very laid back, still pretty sleepy since they are "late preterm".  My milk is finally coming in I think but we are supplementing, trying to nurse and also pumping every time so that part is exhausting!  The home nurse came today and while Kaden is back to his birth weight (which is awesome at 4 days old), Logan is down 8oz (10%).  I will have another visit either tomorrow or Tuesday and hopefully his weight will have gone up.  I really want to be able to nurse the boys, but if my supply doesn't pick up I'm not so sure.  It is exhausting trying to nurse, then bottle feed, then pump for two babies.  Totally worth it, but exhausting!

We are completely in love and cannot imagine life any other way now.  Ethan is very excited about them and wants to help whenever possible which isn't always so helpful :) 
Proud big brother seeing the babies for the first time!

Kaden (L), Logan (R)

snuggles!  Logan (L), Kaden (R)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

35 weeks (with twins)

How far along? 35 weeks 1 day
 Total weight gain/loss: +53lbs.
 Maternity clothes? Yes, but very few that fit over the belly!
  Stretch marks? I've always had them, but now a whole new crop growing around my belly button :(
Sleep: I'm not sure what that is anymore.  I usually don't sleep more than an hour at a time between going to the bathroom and having to move around from being so uncomfortable. 
Movement: Has slowed down a bit.  No big rolls or movements, more kicks and hiccups.
 Food cravings: sweets
Gender: TWO BOYS!!!!! Kaden & Logan
Labor Signs: still having contractions off/on.  The doctor stopped the Procardia last week and the boys are still cooking!
Belly Button in or out? still in, but completely flat and starting to protrude on the top.
 What I miss: Feeling normal.  Not having horrible tingling pain & numbness in my hands.  I'm guessing it is carpal tunnel but it is horrible!!!!
What I am looking forward to: Meeting these babies! C-section scheduled for August 1st!
Milestone: I feel like every day is a milestone at this point.  Made it past 35 weeks.  I'll feel even better once I get past 36 weeks, then it's almost baby time!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

33 weeks with twins & labor scare

How far along? 33 weeks 5 days
 Total weight gain/loss: not sure since I didn't get weighed this week.  I am quite swollen so my guess is close to +50
 Maternity clothes? Yes, but very few that fit over the belly!
  Stretch marks? A few new ones around the belly button
Sleep: I'm not sure what that is anymore.  I usually don't sleep more than an hour at a time between going to the bathroom and having to move around from being so uncomfortable. 
Movement: Has slowed down a bit.  No big rolls or movements, more kicks and hiccups.
 Food cravings: sweets
Gender: TWO BOYS!!!!! Kaden & Logan
Labor Signs: Yes, spent two days in the hospital for pre term labor. 
Belly Button in or out? still in, but completely flat and starting to protrude on the top.
 What I miss: Feeling like myself.  Being able to walk more than 5 steps without feeling dizzy or out of breath. 
What I am looking forward to: Getting past 34 weeks (Monday) so I can deliver in town.  I am SO READY to meet these babies!
Milestone: Well I made it through two rough days in the hospital with PTL.  Next big goal is two days away so that I can stay in town.  Also if I go into labor again they won't stop it after Monday.

I woke up last Monday July 1st feeling kind of off.  Ethan went to daycare that day (his one day of the week) and I am so glad he did.  I had horrible low back pain that progressed into more mentstrual like cramping as the day went on.  I was feeling some contractions off & on, but mainly just these nagging back/menstrual pain.  I pretty much laid in bed or the cough all day, drank lots of water and it just wasn't going away.  I called and talked to a nurse at 4pm and she said I need to go to L&D to be checked.  Thankfully my inlaws were home and they took me to the hospital and subsequently ended up taking care of Ethan.

When I got to L&D I was contracting every 1-1.5 minutes and it was very painful.  I was having to breath through them and could barely talk.  They gave me Procardia and started an IV.  My cervix was closed but I have 50% thinned out.  After an hour, the medicine still hadn't worked so they gave me another dose of it and really started pushing the IV fluids.  At that point my hubby got there and he was surprised how fast and strong they were coming.  We though for sure we were going to be meeting our babies that night. 

The 2nd dose of procardia didn't work so they decided to admit me and start magnesium sulfate.  AKA devil drug.  They list of side effects they go through before even starting the medicine is horrific.  The nurse I had was wonderful and said if I stopped breathing please let her know.  Ok, will do!

They do a loading dose over a half hour then change to a slower dose that can be given for 48 hours to stop contractions.  I started feeling bad immediately.  Flu like sx, achy all over, super tired, and major headache.  After 3 hours on the medicine I started to feel horrible chest pain and couldn't take a deep breath.  Things happened quickly after that.  They called a rapid response, turned off my IV, did an EKG and I'm not sure what else.  After 20 minutes of stopping the Mag I started contracting ever 1-2 minutes again.  The doctor decided to give the procardia one more try.  If that didn't work I was going to be transferred to the University of Washington 2 hours south because my hospital doesn't deliver before 33 weeks if they can avoid it. 

Thank goodness the Procardia started working after about an hour.  I'm also thankful my cervix never started to dilate or they would have done my csection that night.  I spent another day and a half in L&D to monitor babies, contractions, and see if the medicine would continue to work.  I am now taking Procardia every 8 hours until I either go into labor again (which may happen) or I make it to my c-section.  I started swelling in the hospital and it is only getting worse.  My Blood pressure is also still borderline high which is odd because Procardia is a b/p medicine to lower it.  OB is slightly concerned I might be developing Pre-Eclampsia but that it is being masked by the medicine.  I also already have really low platelets which is the other thing they look for.  So I am keeping a close eye on my swelling and b/p multiple times a day.  The medicine is giving me horrific headaches and making me feel crappy overall. 

33 weeks 4 days. Puffy & tired.

My next appointment is Thursday July 11th.  I have called the OB office 3 times now to see if they have scheduled my c-section.  It was supposed to be scheduled a week and  a half ago, and they still haven't done it.  I just want an end date at this point.  Carrying twins, especially two large babies like I am, is taking its toll.  I know that it is all worth it and the end is near, but I just want to be able to move around like a normal person!  Plus I just can't wait to snuggle these babies :) 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

32 weeks (with twins) and updates!!

How far along? 32 weeks
 Total weight gain/loss: +44lbs. 6 of those pounds in the last week according to the MFM scale.  I will be speaking to my OB about it tomorrow! I've got some major edema happening!
 Maternity clothes? Yes, but very few that fit over the belly!
  Stretch marks? Oh yes, they've been there for years. My belly is starting to itch like crazy, I am afraid there are new ones about to pop up!
Sleep: Horrible!  It takes me forever to fall asleep, and I sleep for about 2-3 hours then I am awake for 2-3 hours.  I get maybe 4 hours a night if that.  Benedryl isn't helping much either. 
Best moment this week: Seeing the boys today at my MFM appointment!  Great photos, and they are so big!
Movement: Yes they are having a party in there!
Food cravings: sweets
Gender: TWO BOYS!!!!! Kaden & Logan
Labor Signs: Contractions off and on.  Nothing regular thankfully.
Belly Button in or out? still in, but completely flat and starting to protrude on the top.
 What I miss: Being able to walk without getting out of breath or dizzy.  Being able to bend over and put my shoes on!
What I am looking forward to:Meeting these babies!!!  5 weeks to go.  Hopefully I get to schedule my c-section next week!
Milestone: 32 weeks!!!! That is a big milestone.  Next milestone is 34 weeks so that I can stay in this city and deliver! 

larger than life!

At our regular growth ultrasound 2 weeks ago, they found the boys to be 23% discordant in their growth.  That landed us a referral to the UW Seattle to see a MFM.  C & I drove down there today for that appointment.  Our ultrasound was first, and it was amazing the difference in their equipment.  We had  a few hours to kill before we saw the doctor, so we found a nice park overlooking Lake Washington, had a great lunch and made our way back.  The perinatologist says everything looks good.  The boys are HUGE for 32 weeks.  Kaden is 4#11oz and Logan is 5#5oz, only 12% different according to their estimation.  So long as the boys stay above the 50% for weight, and no more than 20% difference, we are okay!  The doctor did recommend I stop working because of the scares of hypertension and pre-term labor.  I was reduced to 20 hrs a week at 27 weeks working 2.5 days a week.  That has been manageable until this past week.  I think I have hit the wall.  The full days are so hard to get through.  It's so much effort to get up and ready for work and then be there for 9 hours a day, I have absolutely nothing left when I get home.  Add in my 3 year old to the mix and it just isn't fair.  My BP has also been elevated on those days that I work.  She said to tell my regular OB tomorrow to write me out of work, and I am happy to do so.  I am looking forward to the time alone with Ethan before these two boys come! 

Only about 5 weeks and counting! I should be able to schedule my c-section tomorow for sometime the last week of July/first of August.  Despite all of the PTL scares, I think these boys will stay put until they are pulled out :) 
I am loving these pictures we got today!!  Kaden is head down and has less room so we couldn't get any good shots of him.  Logan is transverse up in my ribs and gave us a great peak at his adorably chubby face! :) I cannot wait to see them!!!



Monday, June 3, 2013

29 weeks (with twins)

How far along? 29 weeks
 Total weight gain/loss: +35lbs as of this morning..
Maternity clothes? Yes, sadly I am running out of shirts that fit the belly.
 Stretch marks? Oh yes, they've been there for years.
Sleep: When I do sleep it's okay.  Waking up with back/hip/leg pain most nights which isn't fun. I have been waking up between 3-4AM the past few days and not able to fall back asleep.  I don't enjoy it.
Best moment this week: Making it another week!  Good appointment today.  The weather is beautiful this week!
Movement: Yes they are having a party in there!
Food cravings: sweets
Gender: TWO BOYS!!!!! Kaden & Logan
Labor Signs: Contractions off and on.  Nothing regular thankfully.
Belly Button in or out? still in, but completely flat.
 What I miss: Feeling like a human being!
What I am looking forward to: Growth ultrasound next week.  Getting past 34 weeks.  I am ready to be done.  8 more weeks!
Milestone: I made it past 28 weeks!  That is the first milestone for twins!  Next up is 32 weeks, and then once I get past 34 weeks if I were to go into labor I can deliver at the hospital in town.  It better not happen before then or I have to head to Seattle!

29 weeks measuring 37 weeks
I had a scare last week Wednesday.  That was my first day at work after 4 days off (Memorial Day).  I felt dizzy and headachy while getting ready for work but just assumed it was normal because I am feeling like that more and more these days.  Well I made it about an hour sitting at my desk before I just couldn't take it.  My heart was racing, I was short of breath and extremely nauseated.  I ended up vomiting a few times and just felt bad over all.  I went to my lead and told her I thought I should go home.  At that point she said I should really see my OB due to the shortness of breath and I agreed.  Thankfully I work right downstairs from my OBs office.  They got me right in and my B/p and heart rate were elevated.  The doctor came in and asked what had been going on and he decided I needed to go to L&D to be checked out.  I told him I would call my hubby to come get me and he said no I am calling an ambulance, we are not taking any risks. 

I started getting worried at that point.  My husband met me at L&D and they were very quick to get things going.  They thought I had a DVT or PE which was very scary.  I had an EKG, chest xray, doppler study of both legs, and tons of lab work.  They hooked me up to the NST and wouldn't you know it I was also contracting like crazy.  The doctor checked me and I was soft but still closed.  He did a fetal fibronectin test which checks to see if you might go into labor in the next 2 weeks and that was negative as well.  I spent 7 hours in triage and had 2 OB's and an internist overseeing my care.  They finally decided to admit me overnight for observation.  I had another spell of the SOB, rapid heart rate and crummy feeling, but then nothing else.  What they did find is that I have a very low platelet count.  At my OB appointment today, the doctor decided to send me to a hematologist to make sure there isn't an underlying cause.  Let's hope not!  Tomorrow is my first day back at work since that day and I'm a little nervous.  It's not comfortable to sit for a long period or stand, but I'll just have to make do.  I am only working 2.5 days a week from here on out unless they decide to stop it all together again. 

On another note, my wonderful friends threw me a baby shower this past weekend and it was wonderful!  We got a ton of stuff (mainly clothes, blankets, burp rags, and a huge gift card to costco!).  I am washing all of the newborn clothes, hats, and blankets today :)  Only 8 more weeks to go!!