Sunday, December 30, 2012

Surprise! We're having twins!!

Where do I even start?  We had our first ultrasound scheduled on the 26th (at 6 weeks 2 days) due to a previous miscarriage.  I had been spotting quite a bit, but also feeling very sick & exhausted.  I kept telling my hubby that this is either a girl, or something else is going on.  My in-laws and best friend joked that maybe there are 2 babies, and I quickly shut them down.  We had planned for one more baby, not for two!

Imagine our surprise when the ultrasound technician told us there were TWO babies & TWO heartbeats!!!

The ultrasound tech kept looking around and when she got to my right ovary, she said "Oh, that's why there are two.  You ovulated twice."  Apparently I released two eggs.  Still in shock, I just kept saying "no, no there can't be two.  Are you sure?"  I could clearly see the two sacs!  After talking with the doctor, I am carrying fraternal twins.  The technical term is diamniotic dichorionic twins.  She said it was the safest all of twin pregnancies because each baby has it's own sac & own placenta.  We are adjusting to the news & are actually quite excited now.  I am a little nervous for the road ahead, but just trying to take it one day at a time!  At least now I know why my jeans were hard to button & I have been SO incredibly sick!

Here is my first belly picture.  7 weeks with twins!! 
7 weeks with twins!

How far along? 7 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I think I'm down 1 or 2 pounds
Maternity clothes? Yes, jeans.  My best friend had a baby 2 months ago and just gave me all of her clothes.  So thankful I lost so much weight last year & can wear them!
Stretch marks? Oh yes, they've been there for years.
Sleep: I am either out like a light, or toss and turn all night.  I have to use the restroom quite a bit. 
Best moment this week: Finding out my babies are healthy with heartbeats =)
Movement: Nothing yet.
Food cravings: Tarquitos.  Specifically the brand from Costco.  Also, cereal.
Gender: No Idea.  I'm hoping for a boy & a girl.
Labor Signs: nope.
Belly Button in or out? still in.
What I miss: Energy & not being sick.  But it is all worth it.
What I am looking forward to: Next appointment Jan 10th!
Milestone: Finding out there are two babies with heartbeats!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Big news...

Where have the past 6 months gone?  We have been very busy around here!!  In the throes of potty training (he pretty much has it!).  Lots of illness, more seizures, and hospital stay for Ethan due to RSV.  The past month has been such a blur!! 

On another note, Ethan is going to be a big brother!!!!  Finally!!  C & I decided in October we were ready to start trying, and I had just stopped my BCP.  I was already halfway through the month, so I didn't think it would work.  Well, the first month we actually tried I got pregnant!!  I am still in shock.   If everything goes well, we will have another little baby around August 19th, 2013!  We are so very excited! 

So far, I have been exhausted & moody!  Not too much nausea or sickness yet.  I really hope that it stays away this time, but I won't hold my breath.  I have my first doctor visit or "confirmation" appointment tomorrow morning.  I am going to a new OB this time and they require this visit.  Hopefully I will find out tomorrow when we can have our first ultrasound to make sure everything is going ok.  Though, judging by how I have been feeling, I think it is. 

We are just getting ready for Christmas, and looking forward to time with our family!!