Thursday, December 23, 2010

6 month stats & Merry christmas!

We had Ethan's 6 month appointment today! Are you ready for his stats!?

Height: 29 inches! (>95%)

Weight: 20lbs 7oz (90%)

I didn't get the head circumference, but I can measure that tomorrow. He is getting bigger everyday! His growth curve hasn't changed and that is what matters. We just have a "solid" boy as Dr. M put it! She was very pleased with his developments and growth, as are we! We are so proud of our little boy and love him so very much! We are so so excited for his first Christmas!!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ethan is 6 months old! Half a year has gone by since he was born!! It is crazy to think about how quickly time has flown by since he was born. His appointment isn't until Thursday the 23rd so I won't have exact stats until then. He did see the doctor last week though because he was sick and she put him on antibiotics. I am happy to report he is feeling much better! He weighed 20 pounds 6 ounces a week ago, so we will see what he is this week! I measured him a couple of weeks ago to see how tall he was and he is about 29 inches long! My BIG boy! I was curious because the height cut off for his infant carrier is 30 inches (or 30 pounds). I knew he was getting close to the limit, but just wanted to know for sure! I think he only has about another month (if that) in his infant carrier. I am okay with that because it is so extremely heavy to carry now!

Anyways, at six months Ethan is so much fun!! Things I don't want to forget...

He is still on Nutramigen formula & had 4-6 6oz bottles a day.

He is starting to have solids twice a day. Usually one fruit & one vegetable. He does not like the rice or cereal despite several attempts, so we have given up on that.

We introduced a sippy cup today and he loved it! He grabbed onto the handles and chewed on it at first, and then figured out he could drink from it! He had his first sips of water!

He is still wearing size 3 diapers.

He fits perfectly into most 9 month clothes (almost too snugly into some). He can wear a lot of 12 month clothes, too.

He can now roll both ways! On Friday he finally figured out how to roll from his belly to his back and he hasn't stopped since! He constantly rolls from back to belly, then to back again. He gets such a huge smile and is so proud of himself (and so are we!) when he does it!

He can sit really well on his own until he turns suddenly and then he topples over.

He had his first cold/ear infection on 12/13/10. He is almost finished with antibiotics thankfully!

He doesn't have any teeth yet, but he is teething like crazy! We can kind of see little white buds on both bottom teeth, and they are swollen but nothing yet!

Due to him teething, and his illness his wonderful 11-12 hour sleeping at night has totally stopped:( We had a rough week where he would fall asleep around 8-9pm, then wake up an hour later and not fall asleep until 11 or 12, then wake up at 4-5, then 7-8. He was very very fussy, too:( He isn't fussing as much, but still not sleeping that long anymore. Last night he didn't go to sleep until about 11:30pm and then was up at 8:30am ready to go. It seems like no matter what time he falls asleep, his internal clock says to wake up between 8-9.

I tried uploading his other Christmas picture and it won't let me. I'll keep trying because it is super cute!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

5 months old!

I know I am super late with this post! Ethan turned 5 months on November 16th & we had his check up on November 19th. He weighed 19 pounds (90%) and was 28 inches long (>95%)!!! He is a big baby and I love it! No one believes us when we tell them he is only 5 1/2 months now. Here are things I don't want to forget about month 5!

He sleeps about 11-12 hours at night. He used to take a late evening nap & we are trying to stop that so he will go to bed earlier. He usually goes to bed between 8-9pm and gets up at 8-9am.

He takes a 6-7oz bottle about 5 times a day & we give him his vegies at dinnertime.

He doesn't care much for rice cereal or oatmeal, so we skipped those and went straight to vegies! He LOVES squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes. He is not too fond of green beans yet! He definitely loves sweeter foods. We are holding off on fruits for awhile, per doctor's orders.

He is proficient at rolling from his back to belly (only towards the right side so far though). If he gets all the way over on his belly, he has a tough time getting back.

He is SCOOTING all over the place. As in, he can lift his little booty up and move around! He started this about a week ago, and no matter which way I put him in his crib, I always find him somewhere else. He will be completely the opposite direction & on his belly/side!

As soon as we lay him in his crib, he pulls up his legs and rolls to his right side. Every time.

He is very very vocal right now. He has learned to squeal, scream & over Thanksgiving started this fake cough thing. I need to catch in on video, it is so funny! He does it and then looks at us to see if we noticed!

He loves to lay on the floor and stretch out and play with toys. He is almost too big for his swing now & doesn't care much for it anymore.

I don't know how much longer he is going to last in his infant carseat. He still fits into the height/weight requirements, but it is almost too heavy for me to lift & carry! We already have his convertible carseat, so I think we will make that transition by the first of the year.

He is wearing 9 month clothes & fits into some 12 month clothes!

He still wears size 3 diapers, hopefully for awhile longer :)

I'm sure there is more, but I can't think of anything right now!