Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weight Loss Update

I have been on a journey since January 2011 to really change my lifestyle and become HEALTHY. Yes, I wanted to lose weight, but really I want to be healthier and feel good. Here we are 7 months later and I have lost 44 pounds from then. My total weight loss since having Ethan 14 months ago (holy cow!) is 70 pounds!!!!! I am SO proud of myself! I have been measuring my bust, waist, and hips along the way and I have lost 10 inches each from my waist and hips. I have lost 7 inches from my bust (and I have smaller boobs to show for it lol). I have went from an XL-XXL in tops & size 18-20 pants to size MEDIUM shirts and size 12 pants (which are actually starting to get loose). I cannot remember ever wearing these sizes! I can't believe I am almost in a size 10. That may still seem large to some of you, but I am thrilled!

Today I weighed in at 158lbs. My goal by the end of the year has been to weigh 150lbs. I know I will make it, and hopefully even surpass it! I feel WONDERFUL, have so much energy, and can exercise for hours now! I LIKE exercising! I have a wonderful friend/coworker who has been helping me along this journey and she is an awesome workout buddy!

I would love to hear about your journey as well! Trust me, this hasn't been easy, and I am not always perfect. But this is for life! If you have any questions about how I have lost weight, just ask. I just did it the old fashioned way! Portion control, counting calories (using, and exercise. Check out , it has changed my life!!!!