Monday, May 13, 2013

26 weeks (with twins)

How far along? 26 weeks
 Total weight gain/loss: +27lbs 2 weeks ago.  We shall see on Thursday at my appointment.
Maternity clothes? Oh YES!
Stretch marks? Oh yes, they've been there for years.
Sleep: When I do sleep it's okay.  Waking up with back/hip/leg pain most nights which isn't fun.
Best moment this week: Ultrasound appointment in a few hours!!
Movement: Yes they are having a party in there!
Food cravings: sweets
Gender: TWO BOYS!!!!! Kaden Lucas & Logan Charles
Labor Signs: Not so much recently.
Belly Button in or out? still in.
What I miss: Being able to be active.
What I am looking forward to: Getting off of bed rest!  More to come...
Milestone: 26 weeks! 

Two weeks ago, my blood pressure started going higher so I was put on modified bed rest and had to do a bunch of lab work.  Labs came back okay, but the doctor has kept me on bed rest until my next appointment Thursday.  It has not been very fun, but I am trying to enjoy the rest & quiet while I can.  Thank god for Netflix and 6 seasons of Army wives!  My blood pressure has not been high since I have been on bed rest.  It is actually dropping quite low for me and I am having a lot of dizziness, and feeling faint.  I really hope the doctor releases me to go back to work part time, but I won't know until Thursday.  On a happier note, I have my monthly growth ultrasound today & I can't wait to see how big these boys are!!  At my last appointment at 24 weeks, I was measuring 36 weeks!!! I am huge, and still have 11 weeks to go (37 weeks is the goal my doctor gave me!).