Monday, December 5, 2011


I have no excuses for not blogging in so long! Life is super busy with a toddler, husband, & full time job! I will make this update fairly short & try to start blogging more (I know, I've said that before...)

Since my last blog in August, Ethan started having febrile seizures. His first one on August 19th was terrifying and lasted almost 20 minutes. He had to be intubated, sedated & life-flighted to Seattle Children's Hospital. We spent 2 days there waiting for all of the meds to wear off & make sure he was okay. It definitely put things into perspective for Chris & I. Since that day he had a continuous ear infection in one or the other ear. He did 6 rounds of antibiotics until he had another febrile seizure October 20th at 1am. Thank god for baby monitors!!! I woke up to a weird noise from him and found him seizing in his crib. His temp got up at 104.5 both times and it was so scary! Thankfully this one ended fairly quickly. We met with an Ear Nose & Throat doctor in November and 1 week later Ethan had tubes put in both ears (November 17th). Praise the Lord!!!! We are hoping this will solve his ear infections & stop causing fevers, so hopefully no more seizures! He is at more risk to have more seizures given how complex the first one was. Hopefully he won't though!!!

He will be 18 months old in 10 days! Where the heck has the time gone? I WILL post pictures & an 18 month update this month because he is learning & growing SO fast!

On the weight loss front, I am down to 154 & fluctuate up or down about 2 pounds. My friend & I joined a gym right by our work and go on our lunch break 3-5 times per week. I haven't lost any more weight, but focusing more on resistance/weight training to tone up!! I can tell a difference in the month since we joined! I have also increased the amount of time I can run to about 15 mins straight right now which is huge for me! Next goal is to run a 5k!!!

We are in the process of starting to look for a house to buy!! Hopefully this happens SOON!!!


Jeremy, Censie and Jude said...

Oh my gosh! I am so glad that he is doing better, that is so scary. YOu are one strong mama to get through that. Huge hugs to you, the hubs and Ethan.
Congrats on the weight - good for you! I am sure in a couple of weeks you will notice a difference since you are ging to the gym. Good luck!

Katie said...

Thank you so much!! I am sorry I don't update much, but I am going to do better. Thanks for sticking around! I love reading your blog! Good luck on your weight loss journey as well, you are doing a great job!