Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No need to test.

AF showed up last night when I got home from work. Did I mention I'm a nurse and I wear white pants to work? Not cool. Thank goodness for stain remover. Yesterday was a shitastic day. Thank goodness for my wonderful husband. I sent him a text during the day that said I don't think it worked this cycle. When I got to my car after work there was a card on the steering wheel...it was so sweet. I sat there and cried after I read it. When I got home he had cleaned the house and had dinner ready. He was so sweet to me. He doesn't do things like that very often, so when he does I know he really means it and it is really special.

Maybe this next cycle will end in our sticky BFP. Today is better because I got a king size kitkat bar and had a donut for breakfast =)

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