Thursday, October 15, 2009

Change in plans!

I couldn't wait to tell C in person, I ended up calling him Sunday night! I emailed him the picture that I posted on here and then I called him and told him to check his email. He was SO EXCITED!! I am so very excited because he is flying to Indiana today, so our week apart is over! I have missed him so much!! Only a few more hours until I can see him =)

So my due date is June 21, 2010 (for now). I called my doctor's office and they put an order to check my Beta HCG next week when I get home. I am praying that my numbers are normal and that they double! If that checks out well, then my first appointment is for Friday November 6th!! I CAN'T WAIT!! Only my mom and best friend know right now. We aren't going to tell anyone else until I have an ultrasound and see that everything is going well. We may even wait until the 2nd trimester, I'm not for sure. After my miscarriage in March, I just can't go through having to tell everyone that we lost the baby again.

I am praying this is our sticky baby!!!

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