Wednesday, February 17, 2010

teeny, tiny baby clothes

We started shopping for this baby once we knew he was a boy! We planned a trip with my in-laws to go to Seattle and shop for baby Ethan. We hit quite the sale at The Children's Place! We got most things for $2.99, and then found a nice winter jacket for $9.99! We obviously got bigger sizes (mainly 6-9mths) because that is when he will fit into them (hopefully)!
We also went to the Carter's Outlet and found a few cute outfits as well. I was excited because we had a few cute outfits for Ethan! Well, we go over to in-laws house every Sunday for dinner. This past Sunday as soon as we walked in the door my MIL says "Ohhhh we went shopping again, we were too excited and couldn't pick just one!" She proceeded to hand me 4 outfits! Ethan is a spoiled boy and not even out of my womb yet! Here is a picture of the rest of the clothes we have accumulated so far. (Most of the clothes in these pictures were purchased by my in-laws, they are so generous!)
They are not to greatest pictures because I had to take them with my cell phone. C did something with my camera and I can't find it! Needless to say, in-laws are VERY excited as this will be their first grandchild! They also offered to buy our car seat and stroller for us, which is beyond generous! We have been researching for awhile now, and couldn't decide if we wanted a travel system, or the snap-n-go stroller. We finally decided on a travel system (even though the car seat and stroller have to be bought separately with what we chose). We know we will want a full-size stroller eventually, so why not just get it now? (especially if someone else is buying it for us!). We are going with the Baby Trend Columbia Infant Car Seat and Baby Trend Columbia Stroller . We are not going with the typical jogging stroller because the reviews weren't as good, and neither of us jog anyways :) We love the colors in this set and thing it is also neutral enough that if we have a girl in the future it will work!

I know people are very opinionated when it comes to car seats & strollers, and some people chose to spend tons of $$ on them. I did not feel right asking for something that was so expensive (like the Chicco travel system which I LOVE). I am very happy with what we have chosen and can't wait to see it in person! I had to do all of my research and shopping online because I live next to a small city and the selection is minimal at best. I am excited that we are finally making decisions about what we want! Next up will be his nursery, but since we live in an apartment right now, there isn't much we can do. We can't paint which makes me sad, but we can at least hang stuff on the walls. If anyone has any ideas for how to decorate without spending a ton of money, I would appreciate the help!

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