Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekly Weigh in with PICTURES!

This week started out pretty good last Sunday. I took Ethan on a 2.5 mile walk/run and it was so nice! Fast forward to today, and I have only exercised 1 more time since then. I also don't think I ate very well this past week. I had a few splurges. I was hesitant to step on the scale yesterday morning. I was just hoping it would be the same as last week and I hadn't gained any weight.

Imagine my shock when the scale said 177.5!!! That is another 2lbs gone!!! Total weight loss in 3 months is 24.5lbs. Total weight loss since Ethan was born is -50lbs!!! I am so proud of myself!! I would like to get down to 150! I think 160lbs is my first goal though! So here is a picture from me 39 weeks pregnant, the day I went in to be induced with Ethan.
I weighed in at 227lbs that day *gasp*! Thankfully it was only about 6lbs over what I started with. I am pretty proud of that.

Here is a picture of me today at 177.5lbs .....(excuse the duck back behind me :)
This is a front view from when I was 39wks.
This is a front view of me today. I think you can tell that my hips have gotten smaller! Don't mind the bad lighting!
So I think the real shocker to me is how many inches I have lost.

Then Now Total

Hips 49in 42.5in -6.5in

Waist 43.75in 36.5in -7.25in

Bust 43in 38in -5in

Neck 15in 12.5in -2.5in

I hope you all have a great weekend! More exciting news to come! (no I'm not pregnant!)

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