Saturday, July 6, 2013

33 weeks with twins & labor scare

How far along? 33 weeks 5 days
 Total weight gain/loss: not sure since I didn't get weighed this week.  I am quite swollen so my guess is close to +50
 Maternity clothes? Yes, but very few that fit over the belly!
  Stretch marks? A few new ones around the belly button
Sleep: I'm not sure what that is anymore.  I usually don't sleep more than an hour at a time between going to the bathroom and having to move around from being so uncomfortable. 
Movement: Has slowed down a bit.  No big rolls or movements, more kicks and hiccups.
 Food cravings: sweets
Gender: TWO BOYS!!!!! Kaden & Logan
Labor Signs: Yes, spent two days in the hospital for pre term labor. 
Belly Button in or out? still in, but completely flat and starting to protrude on the top.
 What I miss: Feeling like myself.  Being able to walk more than 5 steps without feeling dizzy or out of breath. 
What I am looking forward to: Getting past 34 weeks (Monday) so I can deliver in town.  I am SO READY to meet these babies!
Milestone: Well I made it through two rough days in the hospital with PTL.  Next big goal is two days away so that I can stay in town.  Also if I go into labor again they won't stop it after Monday.

I woke up last Monday July 1st feeling kind of off.  Ethan went to daycare that day (his one day of the week) and I am so glad he did.  I had horrible low back pain that progressed into more mentstrual like cramping as the day went on.  I was feeling some contractions off & on, but mainly just these nagging back/menstrual pain.  I pretty much laid in bed or the cough all day, drank lots of water and it just wasn't going away.  I called and talked to a nurse at 4pm and she said I need to go to L&D to be checked.  Thankfully my inlaws were home and they took me to the hospital and subsequently ended up taking care of Ethan.

When I got to L&D I was contracting every 1-1.5 minutes and it was very painful.  I was having to breath through them and could barely talk.  They gave me Procardia and started an IV.  My cervix was closed but I have 50% thinned out.  After an hour, the medicine still hadn't worked so they gave me another dose of it and really started pushing the IV fluids.  At that point my hubby got there and he was surprised how fast and strong they were coming.  We though for sure we were going to be meeting our babies that night. 

The 2nd dose of procardia didn't work so they decided to admit me and start magnesium sulfate.  AKA devil drug.  They list of side effects they go through before even starting the medicine is horrific.  The nurse I had was wonderful and said if I stopped breathing please let her know.  Ok, will do!

They do a loading dose over a half hour then change to a slower dose that can be given for 48 hours to stop contractions.  I started feeling bad immediately.  Flu like sx, achy all over, super tired, and major headache.  After 3 hours on the medicine I started to feel horrible chest pain and couldn't take a deep breath.  Things happened quickly after that.  They called a rapid response, turned off my IV, did an EKG and I'm not sure what else.  After 20 minutes of stopping the Mag I started contracting ever 1-2 minutes again.  The doctor decided to give the procardia one more try.  If that didn't work I was going to be transferred to the University of Washington 2 hours south because my hospital doesn't deliver before 33 weeks if they can avoid it. 

Thank goodness the Procardia started working after about an hour.  I'm also thankful my cervix never started to dilate or they would have done my csection that night.  I spent another day and a half in L&D to monitor babies, contractions, and see if the medicine would continue to work.  I am now taking Procardia every 8 hours until I either go into labor again (which may happen) or I make it to my c-section.  I started swelling in the hospital and it is only getting worse.  My Blood pressure is also still borderline high which is odd because Procardia is a b/p medicine to lower it.  OB is slightly concerned I might be developing Pre-Eclampsia but that it is being masked by the medicine.  I also already have really low platelets which is the other thing they look for.  So I am keeping a close eye on my swelling and b/p multiple times a day.  The medicine is giving me horrific headaches and making me feel crappy overall. 

33 weeks 4 days. Puffy & tired.

My next appointment is Thursday July 11th.  I have called the OB office 3 times now to see if they have scheduled my c-section.  It was supposed to be scheduled a week and  a half ago, and they still haven't done it.  I just want an end date at this point.  Carrying twins, especially two large babies like I am, is taking its toll.  I know that it is all worth it and the end is near, but I just want to be able to move around like a normal person!  Plus I just can't wait to snuggle these babies :) 

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