Monday, August 26, 2013

Kaden & Logan 1 month

Well things have certainly been busy around here!  The past month is kind of a blur.  The first few weeks weren't too bad because the boys were still pretty sleepy and acting like preterm babies.  I had to wake them for every feeding and there wasn't a lot of awake time.  My inlaws took Ethan most everyday for half of the day which was a tremendous help.  C had to go back to work right away so I was on my own.  I had friends/coworkers visit and bring us meals the first couple of weeks which was a huge help.  My mom & grandma from Indiana visited over a week ago and it was so nice having them here.  They were a HUGE help, my mom cooking/cleaning/baby care/organizing my house LOL.  I didn't realize how much I needed help until they were here.  Most days I keep up with the laundry (at least washing/drying) and dishes.  Dinner is hit & miss, and most other chores get done when they get done.  This has been hard for me as I like having a clean house and do not like a mess, especially when people come over.  But I am horrible at asking for help!! 

The past week or so has been a lot harder.  The boys are having a lot more fussiness, gas, awake time and overall alternating who wants to be held.  That doesn't leave much time for doing anything, especially making time for Ethan. He is having a rough time being home everyday with me and having to share me so much with his brothers.  There have been a lot of tantrums, time outs, tears (from both of us).  He had a MAJOR meltdown at the grocery store yesterday complete with kicking and screaming and throwing himself on the floor.  Oh boy, it was not fun.  Then I had a major meltdown when we got home and C took over and I just left to be by myself for awhile.  I have had quite the mood swings and cry-fests.  My 6 week PP check is next week so we I am going to have a chat with my OB about it.

I can't believe Kaden & Logan are almost 5 weeks old! They are on full formula since about 2 weeks old.  I had the same problem with little to no milk supply this time, and it was incredibly tiring to try to nurse then bottle feed both babies and then pump.  We are still trying to find the right formula to help their sensitive tummies.  They are growing like crazy though!  Today Kaden weighed 9lbs 6.5oz and Logan weighed 9lbs 6oz!  They were both 20 7/8 inches long as well.  Crazy that Kaden has caught up to his brother now! 

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