Monday, September 2, 2013

Last month in pictures

Our first pic as a family of 5!
me with my twinsies at 2.5 weeks old
Proud big brother Ethan!  Kaden (L) Logan (R)
they love snuggling.  Melts my heart.  Kaden (L) Logan (R)

Things have been busy around here!  I don't really get a break from these 3 boys!  It is exhausting doing everything myself 5/7 days of the week including all night feedings so my hubby can sleep.  That will be changing when I go back to work part time in about 10 days.  C will have to help me out more, especially at night.  We are lucky that his aunt & cousin are going to come to our house the days I work and watch the boys.  So very thankful for them! 

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