Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm alive!

Since we were out of town last weekend, I forgot to post! Sorry it has been two weeks since my last check in. I have been doing okay the past 2 weeks on exercise, but I could be doing better. Diet has been pretty good, minus a few splurges ;) I weighed myself on Friday and I am down to 183, so -3.2 pounds since my last post. Not a bad loss for 2 weeks!

I am currently enjoying my coffee in silence! Last night C & I had our date night to celebrate our 3rd anniversary (which is on Tuesday). His parents kept Ethan ALL night! It was wonderful! I miss him like crazy & am ready to go get him though :) It's so funny that the majority of our conversation at dinner was about Ethan. We went to the mall after dinner, and headed straight towards the baby section lol. We just love our little guy and we missed him so much! We had a great night alone though!!!! ;0)

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