Friday, January 9, 2009

Weigh In!

We started our weight loss challenge at work today. It will run until July 5th. There were probably 15 people that joined! We each had to pay $25 to join the challenge...the exciting thing is that whoever loses the biggest percentage of weight loss at the end wins 90% of the pot! The 2nd place winner gets 10%. I told C I AM GOING TO WIN!!! I decided before this challenge that I was going to make a change and finally get this weight off FOR GOOD. This just gives me a LOT of extra incentive to want to lose the weight! We are joining a gym through work for an awesome price! We start on the 15th (they only start new members twice a month). So until then I am going to do exercise videos at home.

I am so proud of myself because I went to the grocery store after I weighed in and I did not succumb to any temptations!!! Everything I bought was healthy (a few things weren't, but they were for C:) I thought I was going to spend a TON of money, but I came out at only $110. Gotta love my Safeway Club Card! I am ready for this!! Time to go work out! =)

Good luck to all the girls in the GP weight loss challenge! You can do it!

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