Wednesday, May 19, 2010

growth spurt!?

Holy growth spurt! This belly is getting out of control (at least it feels like it!). I also think he has dropped some. As soon as my friend walked into work this morning she pointed at my belly and said "he's dropping down!". He has been up SO HIGH in my ribs, I literally couldn't sit a certain way or bend over at all. Today? I can breath a little easier and there is not a tiny baby bum so high in my ribs. There is also a little more pressure down lower, especially first thing when I stand up. It feels like he lands right on my bladder as soon as I stand and I have to pee. The really annoying part is that it just trickles out! I am 35 weeks, 1 day today so we have 34 days left until I'm due!!!!

We had a wonderful baby shower over the weekend, I'll post a couple of pictures later. We got a lot of wonderful gifts, and 3 inflatable duck baths lol. Apparently Target was having issues with my registry! Hopefully I can exchange two of them for something else! Now I have to final list of things we need & need to do before he comes. I am working overtime this week, and an extra night shift of all things so I am worn out! Hopefully I can start working on that list tomorrow...or Friday...when does this nesting kick in!? :)

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