Friday, May 14, 2010

Head down!!

We had our doctor's appointment today, and everything still looks great! I mentioned to the doctor about what position he is in, and he said "why don't we take a quick look?" YES PLEASE! I truly believed he was still breech the way he is curled up in my right side under my ribs. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that is his BUTT curled up there and he is head down! He is still pretty high up, with his head resting on my left hip. This totally explains why my sciatic nerve has been killing me lately on my left side. I am just happy we won't have to have the "breech talk" as my doctor put it lol! Time to start walking to help this little boy drop down! Next appointment is May 26th, I'll be 36 weeks 1 day. Then I'll go every week after that! Two more weeks Ethan, then you will be full-term!! :)

Tomorrow is our baby shower and I cannot wait! We are leaving really early in the morning (5 or 6). It usually takes 4-5 hours to get there, but there is road construction south of Tacoma so who knows how long it will take! I am not thrilled about sitting in the car for that long, there will definitely be frequent stops! I am excited to see family again that we haven't seen since Christmas! I can't believe how close we are getting!

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