Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beginning of the end

I woke up yesterday morning to horrible cramps and it was soon followed by very heavy bleeding. As the day wore on, it just kept getting worse. Advil didn't touch the pain that I was having. Horrible low back pain and cramps like I have never experienced before. In addition to the heavy bleeding, there are tons of clots, too. =( I am glad that my body is doing this on it's own, and that it started right away. I don't have very much patience & I am ready for this to be over so that we can try again.

Luckily my boss covered for me yesterday and it was C's day off as well. Having a day off with him was definitely what I needed. He takes such great care of me, I love him so much. We went furniture shopping and finally found a coffee table/end table set that we love. We had a wonderful day together. I made chili & cornbread last night and we had his parents over & watched a movie. After they left he kept asking me if there was anything he could do for me. He had me lay on the couch and got me the heating pad and laid down with me. I married the best man ever, I can't imagine going through this with anyone else. Yesterday was my last day of work for this week anyway, so now I am off until Monday. I am glad that will give me lots of time to deal with this myself, and be able to handle the questions at work!


Living for the Little Moments said...

Supportive husbands are incredible blessings. I'm praying for you!

Andrea and Jim said...

What a wonderful husband. Glad that things are happening quickly so you can continue to look forward to the future.

Katie said...

thank you ladies! I'm sorry that I don't know you, but it means so much that there are such wonderful people in the world praying for us.