Friday, March 13, 2009

C lost his job!

It has taken me all night to be able to sit down and write this. I am still pretty angry! C sent me a text message at 5:30 last night saying that he didn't pass his 90 day evaluation. Ummm, WHAT? He said his boss told him he wasn't that great of a salesperson and he had to let him go. I was PISSED. C was a GREAT employee, did anything and everything asked of him. He worked 60 hours a week without complaint. His boss called the store one day while C was there by himself. There were 2 customers in the store that C was helping. His boss pretended to be a customer asking questions, trying to get C to sell him something over the phone. I guess C didn't perform up to this jackasses standards, so that is why he let him go.

Well, about 2 hours after C came home, 2 of his coworkers came by to talk to him. Apparently the boss told them that he already has someone lined up for the job. His friend is moving up here from California and needs a job ASAP. Starting to sound fishy, huh!? We knew there was another reason behind him firing C. The 90 day evaluation was his easy way out, because otherwise there was no reason to fire him. Needless to say, we had lots of margaritas last night. It did end up being a GREAT night anyway ;)

C is going to the unemployment office today. Hopefully he can collect, he was only there for 3 months. Say a prayer that he can collect unemployment!!!!

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