Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's finally over.

I had my follow up appointment this morning with my OB. My beta hcg was down to 6, I'm so glad! He was very glad that I miscarried on my own, & my levels were down to normal so that I don't need a D&C! Yay! He also gave me the go ahead to "get intimate" tonight as he put it LOL. I am SOO excited for that. I went & saw C at work and I told him there would be margaritas waiting for him when he got home! ;) It's been almost 3 weeks since any action has taken place in our bedroom, I am in desperate need of some lovin'!

The doctor also said that since my vitamin D level was 13.1 (normal is 30-100!!) that may have played a factor in my miscarriage. He said to give wait about 2-3 cycles so that my vitamin D level can reach normal limits and that will give my body enough time to hopefully recover and have regular cycles! He said "I think you should get pregnant in June, that would give you a February baby!" lol, I do not know his reasons for this, but it sounded pretty good to me. Except that June seems kind of far away! We'll have to see what happens =)

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