Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fresh start.

If you read this blog (all 7 of you:) then you know I was doing pretty good on my weight loss journey before I got pregnant. I had lost about 9 pounds in 5 weeks! When I got pregnant, I guess I thought I didn't need to watch what I ate anymore....BAD IDEA! I gained 3 pounds back, and now I'm not even pregnant anymore, no excuses! I dusted off my weight watchers stuff and got to work Monday! I went through my kitchen and figured out how many points most of the food I eat are. It will make things a lot easier for me. I have a big list of the main foods I eat, how many points they are per serving, etc. Then yesterday I went through the complete dining guide book and highlighted everything that I eat or felt was important, so that it would be easier to find. I can have 31 points per day, and you get 35 extra points per week (incase you go over on any given day, have a special night out, or drink alcohol). Hopefully I won't have to use to extra points, but it's nice knowing they are there and if I want a little something, I can have it and not ruin everything. Weight watchers makes my weight loss journey a lot simpler!!

Yesterday was my first full day on it, and I did great. I had 1 point left last night so I thought that was pretty good. Overall, I was pretty satisfied for most of the day. It's hard though when I get up at 3:45 am & have to eat breakfast that early. I feel like I have to stretch my snacks out further, because I don't get home until about 6 at night. Luckily I only work 3 days a week. I am more worried about my days off, if I am at home with nothing much to do. I am a bored/lazy eater, and I have to stop that NOW! I follow AshisFit (you should check it out!) and she is starting a "20 pounds in 20 weeks" challenge. I joined, because I think it's great to have that extra accountability. She has lost 81 pounds, doing everything the right way: eating right, portion control, and exercise. She realized it wasn't about dropping weight fast, it's about losing it the healthy way and keeping it off. She is definitely an inspiration!!!!

Besides the obvious reasons of wanting to lose weight, and I really just want to get healthier. I want to be in better shape physically & mentally when I get pregnant again. C & I had a talk and decided that we wouldn't start trying again until I lose 20 pounds (at least). That is about 10% of my weight. I would love to lose the 30 pounds I have gained in the past year since we got married!!! I know I can do it, I just have to keep focused. If any of you are on a similar journey, how are you doing?! I'd like to hear from you!!!!


Andrea and Jim said...

I am on the "heatlhy" mission too. We are waiting on TTC until Nov. so before that happens I want to be sure to become a healthier person so I can keep the baby healthy and continue to exercise while I'm pregnant and keep a routine I can stick with the rest of my life so I can pass on those traits to my children as well. It's definitely not easy. I just finished my 30 min on the elliptical this morning and even though it was hard, It feels good now that I've done it. I've heard nothing but good things about WW and I wish you the best of luck with staying motivated and focused. Just know you are not alone!

Mindy said...

Hi Katie,
I found your blog after googling for Ash is Fit's challenge... I wish you well during the next 20 weeks! I'm will be trying hard to keep up. :) I pray too that the Lord is your all in all during this hard time--I am so glad He is in control and is our Comfort, no matter what.

Kelly said...

Hi! I actually found your blog while googling for another and decided to have a look around! I am doing WWs also and started in January. So far I have lost 12 pounds but I have hit my plateau and need to really start working out more. Good luck in your journey- can't wait to read more about it!