Sunday, March 29, 2009

Too much of a good thing.

My weight on Friday was down 4 pounds! That is a lot for one week, so I don't expect to see much loss this next week. Especially since I overate on Friday & Saturday. I don't know what got into me! For some reason I didn't care how many points a piece (or 2) of Papa Murphey's pizza was. Or the margarita I had. Or the piece (or 2) of chocolate cake. What the hell!? I am SO mad at myself for eating all of that CRAP. I feel like crap now and when I weighed myself this morning (which was stupid) I was up 2 pounds. Blah...that is how I feel right now. It doesn't help that AF is knockin' on my door. I'm crabby in general today. I have a huge pot of chili left over from yesterday and if my husband doesn't eat it ALL today I am throwing it out. Otherwise I will eat all of it because it is one of my favorite foods! There were too many temptations for me Friday & Saturday and my willpower was no where to be found.

Speaking of willpower, I still haven't been to the gym...I need get my shit together and start going to the gym and STOP eating the crap food. My weight isn't going to lose itself now is it? I didn't think so. I know 2 days of bad food doesn't mean everything is ruined....I just have to make better choices and learn to say NO! Ok, I feel better now. I WILL do better!

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Mindy said...

Good job on the 4 lbs. Katie! That's awesome! You'll burn off the cake and other stuff, no worries. Life happens, right? (Thank goodness.) Once you begin working out again, you'll remember how good it feels, and those endorphins will help you to keep going. I never really appreciated that whole "endorphin" rush like I have the last month or two. Good stuff.