Saturday, February 7, 2009

Poor hubby!

C has been sick since yesterday=( He is the most pitiful sick person I have ever seen (and trust me, I've seen a lot!). I finally convinced him to come home from work early last night. He took a bath and I put him to bed. Aww such a good wife! lol...Neither of us slept well last night, he kept waking me up "Do I feel warm to you?" Most of the time he was BURNING up, I didn't have to check his temp. to know he had a fever! Thankfully he decided to stay home from work today and rest up. This actually gives us a WHOLE weekend off together! Lots of snuggle time, even if he is sick! =)

On the weight-loss front, I have been to the gym the past 4 days BY MYSELF! That is a huge accomplishment for me. I was always too worried about what other people thought....who cares! I got over my fear and I actually like going by myself! Gives me time to clear my head.

I finally signed up for FF VIP. They were offering 6 months for $25, I couldn't pass that up! I am 6DPO, so I will probably test around V-Day unless AF shows before then! **fingers crossed she doesn't show**

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