Saturday, February 28, 2009

One down, one to go.

I had my first hcg drawn this morning. It sucks that I am going to have to wait until Monday afternoon to know for sure if baby is growing like he/she should be! Funny thing was my MIL was at the lab when I got there this morning! I had to tell her what was going on, which made me very emotional. I kind of had a break down and she didn't really know what to say to me. She asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her to which I replied YES! Anything to get my mind off of this!

We went to the mall and it was a great day. If 5 hours of shopping doesn't make you feel better, I don't know what does! I got 2 tshirts at Jcpenny's for $9 each! Then I found a cute tote bag at Macy's for $20, and a cute sweatshift for $17. Not too bad! MIL said the tote bag is cute and could be used as a diaper bag, she is probably right! Then we found the baby section at Macy's. OMG the cute stuff they have! I found another cute gender neutral outfit with yellow ducks!! I know my cellphone doesn't take the greatest pics, but it's all I had! Look at the cute hood!!! I fell in love with this set. It has a cute onesie, pants with ducks on them, and this hooded jacket!! Then MIL found a very plush stuffed yellow duck that matches perfectly.
Then she found this perfect white plush baby blanket which a white ribbon that runs along the edge. It is exactly what I wanted for a baby blanket!! It's beautiful, and sooo soft! I can't wait to wrap my little baby in it!
Needless to say we had a good day. After shopping we went to a great little mexican restaurant. YUMM. I am trying really hard to be optimistic and KNOW that this baby is here to stay!!!!

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