Friday, June 4, 2010

Sitting & waiting & wishing & hoping...

I had another appointment today to check my B/P and check Ethan. The NST went great, he was moving around like crazy. My B/P was 146/96 which is higher than it has been at home the past couple of days. That was the lowest reading they got after I had been sitting there for about 10 minutes. The doctor finally came in to see me and I am going to have another Bio-Physical Profile (ultrasound) next week on Tuesday and then another NST and appointment on Friday. Sometime next week they are going to repeat my lab work again. She said once again if my cervix showed any sort of progress they will look at inducing me prior to my due date. She said he is definitely good size and will be just fine if born now. I am okay with waiting, as long as my B/P continues to not rise too much. Maybe we will have our little boy by the time I'm 39 weeks? Who knows! He doesn't show any signs of coming on his own yet, but he still has time :) For now I'm just sitting and waiting still on "bed rest" which for me is mainly couch rest lol :) I'm trying to enjoy this peaceful time & resting before Ethan makes his appearance!!

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