Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Super Long Birth Story Part 1 (better late than never!)

So I guess I should start with my final OB appointment on June 14th. Remember I wasn't supposed to be induced until the 16th? Not so much. When I woke up on the 14th I knew my blood pressure was high. I had a horrendous headache that would not go away. B/P was 168/108. My appointment was a few hours away, so I decided to wait it out. Instead of laying down like I should have, I decided I needed to clean our bedroom/bathroom and a few other things. I took this picture right before I left for the doctor (my last belly pic!)

See how high he still was? When I got to the doctor's office the nurse hooked me up to the NST and then checked my B/P. It was 148/104. She said I may not even make it to my induction on Wednesday. I laughed nervously because I had a feeling she was right. My husband was taking finals and would be done on Wednesday so he had given me strict instructions to not have the baby before then. Ha! This was also only the 2nd appointment he couldn't come to and I had a feeling something bad would happen. The doctor came in and said that while Ethan looked great on the monitor, he was not pleased with my blood pressure. Since I was 39 weeks, he felt confident that Ethan was ready to come out. Not to mention that my mother had toxemia with her first child, who was still born because of SUPER high B/P (my mom almost had a stroke and died). He checked my cervix and I swear to god he tried to rip my child right out! I'm pretty sure he tried to strip my membranes or something. All I know is that it hurt like hell, and it made me bleed! I was barely 1 cm and 50% effaced. It was a start right? He called L&D and told them to expect me in about an hour.

I called my husband frantic and told him what was going on. He couldn't leave school right away because he still had a final to take. I was okay with that because I knew nothing major would happen right away. I called my mom to let her know what was going on & then called my MIL to see if she would take me to the hospital once I came home and got our bags. She met me at our place and watched me run around frantically trying to grab last minute stuff. I was a wreck & couldn't believe it was finally happening. I was going to meet my baby!!

To be continued....

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